Thursday, December 4, 2014

Diva Challenge # 196 ~ All Dolled Up!

Sorry I have been a bit haphazard posting for a few weeks, seems my hands don't want to work too well for me. I have been doing a few tangles though and this particular challenge really hit the spot for me! For those who don't follow the Diva's Challenge, the challenge this week was given to us by Emily Classon who has a 4 year old daughter that loves dolls.  She challenged us to "... be inspired by dolls like I have been.  Awaken your inner child, and add some playtime to your tangling with a doll-shaped string, a tangled paper doll chain, or a tangled fabric doll.  Do you have an old Barbie stuck in a trunk somewhere?  I bet there’s a way to tangle her too." 

You see, I am a definite doll-a-holic.  I also have 5 granddaughters and they all love stuffed animals and dolls too. I have all the dolls that I had as a child and some of my mother's dolls too. Dad traveled around the world in his civilian job with the Air Force and he always brought me back a doll. So I have quite a collection. When I grew up, it didn't stop there either...I got dolls for most gift giving occasions, and made clothes for Barbie and her friends for co-workers when I was older. After that, I made all kinds of dolls from mophead dolls to sculpey dolls and then expanded to stuffed teddy bears. So, you see, when I saw the challenge was for dolls to inspire me, I couldn't decide which direction to go in.  I had thought of an articulated paper art doll, but the torso just didn't work for me. Then I was going to find one of my old Barbies that I bought just for art projects, but couldn't find where I put them. Then I thought of just using a dressmakers form, but in the end, I was looking through some of my old doll and stamping magazines and saw some beautiful fairies and decided that I would make a winter fairie that I could also use as a Christmas card for someone special.  So that is just what I decided to do.  The picture doesn't do her justice, but I think that is partially the paper - it really wasn't smooth enough to do what I had intended. But, here she is for your perusal:

Diva Challenge #196
Media:  Art Cardstock, Micron pens, Derwent colored pencils, #2 lead pencil
Tangles:  Shattuck, Hibred, Cadent, Verdigogh, and my black pearls are actually

I've got a few more ideas in mind, and I have some past challenges that I want to post when I get all the pictures taken, so I hope to get them posted before the end of the year.

But now, I need to go look at all the fabulous work everyone has done. If you would like to take a look, you can find the Diva's Challenge here.

As always, comments are welcome and I have appreciated all comments in the past. I don't always respond but I do always read them.  Thank you very much!