Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Traced Objects!

Once again, thank you for all of your comments ... I am sure that everyone loves to read comments. For me, it's a confirmation that someone is actually looking at what I am doing. Just a little egocentric, I know, but it's all good. After all, how can we grow if people don't offer advice and comments?

This has been kind of a crazy week, what with the temperature here in Salt Lake around 70F on Sunday and snowing all day today. Must be because in the US, taxes are due today! It was a bit strange though, because we got more snow today than we got in all of January, February, and March of this year. But this has been a strange year and Salt Lake only got a little more than 3 inches of snow in those months and I woke up to about 5 inches of snow this morning. I really didn't mind since it meant that the wind finally calmed down. It broke one of my bird feeders and the birds were mad at me, I'm sure.  Anyway, here are the snow pictures, they are unbelievable to me!

But, on to our Diva's Challenge for this week. We were challenged to use a stencil, or trace around objects to form our string and tangle away! I have a big collection of wonderful stencils that are in a notebook *somewhere*, but of course they must be in the proverbial safe place because I couldn't find them anywhere. So I grabbed a few things around the house and used them. Here are the objects and the string I created:

Here are the objects I used ... my corner rounder, my bone folder, and a printer connection....

to come up with this string. This is the second string I created with these objects and they are in *approximately* the same place as the ones on my challenge piece since I forgot to take a picture before I started tangling. That's why the string on the right side looks wonky...I erased it to try to make it look like the original.

So now you know what the string looks like, here is the actual first tile. First off though, I must tell you that I quite often ask my son's opinion and he suggested adding color to this. I wasn't sure, but in the end I think it worked out beautifully. What do you think?
Diva Challenge #213~Traced Object String
Media: 3.5 x 3.5 tile, Black Micron Pen, Sepia Micron Pen,
Green Micron Pen, Red Micron Pen, Blue Micron Pen,
Yellow Creative Memories Pen, Brown Creative Memories
Pen (used for shading on Flux)
Tangles used: Flux, Farling, Akuras, PinBawl, Tipple

Thank you for bearing with my stories and thank you for taking a look at my blog. Since I have this second tile with a string already drawn, don't be surprised if I add another tile this week.

As always, please take a look at all the beautiful submissions over at the Diva's Place (click here) and if you are so inclined, join the fun there one of these first weeks. Thank you for any comments you may wish to make as I LOVE to read comments!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Diva Challenge #212 ~ UMT - Fanz

First of all, thank you for your kind comments on my challenge last week. They mean a lot to me and I appreciate them all.

And yet again, I am posting at a late date in the week ... it has been an off week here at home. Rather hectic with kids mostly. Just a case of taking far too long to get necessary things done and an upset son that was afraid that something had happened to us. Sometimes his autism makes him afraid of things going on and he had somewhat of a meltdown. Things are almost back to normal, so hopefully I can get my challenge posted earlier next week and also get some of my other other ZIAs posted. But I talk too much, so let's get on to the good stuff.....ZENTANGLE!

Our challenge this week was a UMT and our tangle to use was Fanz by Susan Goetter. It's a rather fun tangle, but I must admit that it took me a few nights to get the rhythm of the auras right, but I was rather pleased with it. I showed my tile to both hubby and son and they both had different ideas about which was was up, so I am presenting you here with both of them and you can decide for yourself.

This one is shown the way hubby likes it...says it reminds him of a tree of sorts. I guess I can see it, but he wasn't sure what the Narwal were

This one is shown the way my son likes it...says it reminds him of Willy Wonka's chocolate waterfall and the chocolate river with candies all around.

I just think it's fun and I didn't have any idea of where the pen would take me.  What is your favorite?

The tangles I used are Fanz, Narwal, Nipa, and Printemps with a bit of tipple here and there as well. Anyway, it was a fun one for me and I think I'm going to have to play with Fanz a bit more. It looks like loads of fun.

There are more interpretations of the challenge over at the Diva's website (click here), so go take a look and maybe you will join in the fun! Thank you for visiting my blog and comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Diva Challenge #211 ~ Flux

Well, this week, the Diva was unable to post her challenge as her youngest son is not doing well and was in the hospital. So we thought that there was no challenge this week.....however, Rick and Maria posted step-outs for Flux, which is one of their original tangles and they realized that they had never taught it with step-outs for us yet. Flux has always been one of my favorite tangles, so imagine my surprise when I found out there are 2 versions of it. I had only known of the version that Rick uses, but apparently the one that Maria did was first and I had never known that. I guess probably because I don't know a CZT yet, so I just watch the internet. Anyway, it is definitely one of my favorites and so I did one today (April 2, 2015) on a blue tile for my son. Today is World Autism Day and the color representing that is blue, so this one is for him. After I took this picture, I added some white highlighting to it, so I will take another picture tomorrow and post it as well.  Hope you like it!

World Autism Day - Apr 2, 2015
Media: 3.5" x 3.5" blue tile, Black Micron, Blue Micron
Blue Derwent Watercolour Pencil
Tangles: Flux (both versions), Uni, Printemps, Pearls,
PinBawl, and Florz

Same tile with white highlights added....better picture too :)

Thank you for stopping by and if you want to see the rest of the submissions, go to the Diva's Challenge Page (click here) to see the beautiful work done.