Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Traced Objects!

Once again, thank you for all of your comments ... I am sure that everyone loves to read comments. For me, it's a confirmation that someone is actually looking at what I am doing. Just a little egocentric, I know, but it's all good. After all, how can we grow if people don't offer advice and comments?

This has been kind of a crazy week, what with the temperature here in Salt Lake around 70F on Sunday and snowing all day today. Must be because in the US, taxes are due today! It was a bit strange though, because we got more snow today than we got in all of January, February, and March of this year. But this has been a strange year and Salt Lake only got a little more than 3 inches of snow in those months and I woke up to about 5 inches of snow this morning. I really didn't mind since it meant that the wind finally calmed down. It broke one of my bird feeders and the birds were mad at me, I'm sure.  Anyway, here are the snow pictures, they are unbelievable to me!

But, on to our Diva's Challenge for this week. We were challenged to use a stencil, or trace around objects to form our string and tangle away! I have a big collection of wonderful stencils that are in a notebook *somewhere*, but of course they must be in the proverbial safe place because I couldn't find them anywhere. So I grabbed a few things around the house and used them. Here are the objects and the string I created:

Here are the objects I used ... my corner rounder, my bone folder, and a printer connection....

to come up with this string. This is the second string I created with these objects and they are in *approximately* the same place as the ones on my challenge piece since I forgot to take a picture before I started tangling. That's why the string on the right side looks wonky...I erased it to try to make it look like the original.

So now you know what the string looks like, here is the actual first tile. First off though, I must tell you that I quite often ask my son's opinion and he suggested adding color to this. I wasn't sure, but in the end I think it worked out beautifully. What do you think?
Diva Challenge #213~Traced Object String
Media: 3.5 x 3.5 tile, Black Micron Pen, Sepia Micron Pen,
Green Micron Pen, Red Micron Pen, Blue Micron Pen,
Yellow Creative Memories Pen, Brown Creative Memories
Pen (used for shading on Flux)
Tangles used: Flux, Farling, Akuras, PinBawl, Tipple

Thank you for bearing with my stories and thank you for taking a look at my blog. Since I have this second tile with a string already drawn, don't be surprised if I add another tile this week.

As always, please take a look at all the beautiful submissions over at the Diva's Place (click here) and if you are so inclined, join the fun there one of these first weeks. Thank you for any comments you may wish to make as I LOVE to read comments!


  1. It has been weird weather all over the world I think. Here, in the Netherlands, it was
    25 C yesterday, much too warm for spring. But ..... most people (those who didn't have to go to work) liked it a lot.
    I also love the get comments, just like you and probably all tanglers :-)
    You did a great job with this challenge, I love the design and also the shining orbs in your tile.

  2. I love your tile. The colour just brings it to life. It has been very warm here in the UK as well and suddenly a very colourful spring. I see you are still in love with flux!

  3. Can't believe all that snow, but then I live in the south of Spain....
    I love your tile and think you were wise to follow your son's opinion - looks great in colour. Lovely! Axxx

  4. Your tile is nice with colors. The pencil is well placed in the tile. It brings us off§

  5. Yes, we all love to reads comments! I think your son was right, the colour works great in your tile!

  6. Lovely use of color and very nice drawing. I saw the weather in SLC--surely the government had something to do with it! Here in AZ temperatures dropped 20 degrees; feels like H**L froze over. Have a brilliant, warmer day! c

  7. I also love to read comments left on my blogs. It always amazes me that there are so many kind people out there in a world that doesn't always act so kind. It sure seems like a lot of people have had some weird weather this year. I hope you get some real spring weather that stays around for awhile. I agree; the colors are a perfect addition to this lovely tile!

  8. Love the Arukas especially and the colours.

  9. We went from a lovely March to a cool April here in my little corner of the desert, and the last few days have brought us a nasty cold wind that plucks the clean laundry off the line and flings it into the cactus beds!

    You've got another vote for the color, it's just perfect and looks so pretty that I just wanna pull out my own colored microns and play with them now! As for comments, I live for comments! I think we all must! Yours made me smile this morning and put a little skip in my step!

    Until next time, have a lovely day... and don't worry about the birds being mad at you, more food out there will have them happily cavorting in your yard again!

  10. Your tile is stunning! Love the highlights and the beautiful colors are so inspiring. I grew up in So. Dak. a "northern plains" state in the US. I remember one year in the 70's (ahem) it snowed several inches on Friday the 13th in the month of JUNE! Most of my adult life has been in So. Calif. and we of course are in a terrible drought. It will be over 80 degrees Fahrenheit again today. Truly strange weather all across the world.

  11. That tile knocked my socks off! I like everything about it! Sarah.

  12. Th interplay of colors and patterns elevate a simple string into something deep and complex. Well done!

  13. Th interplay of colors and patterns elevate a simple string into something deep and complex. Well done!

  14. Really love your tangle. The color is so beautiful ... it looks like a flower garden!

  15. Very cool tile and what wacky weather!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  16. It's funny to see your snow-photos because here in Germany it is sunshine and worm spring weather ;-)
    I like your tile - very pretty coloured and great patterns. So nice :-)