Welcome to Lezli B's Place ...

When I first discovered Zentangle and needed a place to put my art attempts, I started this blog. But in the time that I have had it going, I have discovered that I wanted it to be more than just a place for my Zentangle pieces and ZIAs (Zentangle Inspired Art). I have dabbled in arts and crafts my whole life, thanks to my mother and grandmother, who were both involved in these things. My grandmother was a professional seamstress and mother was a wealth of knowledge on crafty ideas. From them both came my love of beautiful things, in both arts and crafts. So I have decided that it's time to try to expand this blog to include some of the other hobbies that I have. In the coming months, I will be also showing some of my jewelry designs, cardmaking ideas and some of my favorite scrapbook layouts that I have done in the past. I don't always do all of these things anymore, but I occasionally dabble in them. So come along and  see where we go here at Lezli B's!

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