Thursday, June 22, 2017

DC#321 ~ Double Dog Dare (Non-Dominant and Auras)

What a challenge!  I feel as though I have really been working this week....I have been practicing with my non-dominant hand all week to get this done for the challenge. Laura Harms aka "The Diva" has asked us to not only use our non-dominant hand (which, in my case, is my left hand), but also to choose tangles which require auras. Even at the best of times,  my auras are rarely evenly done, so I'm not exactly sure which one challenged me more.

Here is my finished tile....I could only work on it for short periods of time because my hand would cramp up so I had to rest it. But I did find that even with the added stress of the auras, I still felt a great deal of relaxation taking my time and just concentrating on the lines I was drawing. . . watching them form from my pen . . . moving over a bit to make another line . . . and watching the shapes form . . . almost hypnotic for me! Then the coloring in of the black portions . . . oh what tiny little strokes I took to make sure that my area was covered . . . going over a line with the blackening process to try to fill in the shakiness of the drawn line . . . and some stippling in a few places. And now, the shading . . . THAT was really hard, not so much getting the graphite down but maneuvering the blending stump to get the graphite where I wanted it. Then the white highlights . . . that seemed to be even more delicate and took me a long time as well. But, in spite of all the time and self talk and hypnotic drawing that I did, I am rather pleased with the way it turned out. Several places didn't quite work the way I had hoped, but it's okay, it looks good . . . enough!
DC #321 ~ Double Dog Dare
Media: 4x4 Strathmore Toned Tile, Black Micron 01,
Creative Memories Fine Black Pen, Graphite,
and White chalk pencil by General
Tangles: Loki, Zinger (of sorts), Arukas, Garlic,
and Crescent Moon
Here are a couple of practice pieces that I was trying to get my hand working so that I could go to a regular size tile . . . not the greatest, but they were intended for practice, so it's okay *big grin*

Thank you for stopping by and as always, I always appreciate comments, be they constructive criticism or any other comments. Please stop the Diva's Place (here) and see what other artists have made of this challenge. Feel free to give it a try if you are so inclined. Hope to see You here one of these days as well, so you can join in on our fun.

Have a zen-ful day!  :)


  1. I love the energy, composition... everything! Yes, the shading was the hardest part for me too. What a great challenge.

  2. "Good enough"??? It looks amazing!! I didn't practise - just went and did it. No I see your results and feel like I should have - well done! 😍

  3. Quite the adventure, but with super results. I found shading difficult too.