Saturday, October 17, 2015

I'm back! Diva Challenge #239 "Munchin Play"

Well, this long hiatus wasn't really planned or expected, but between computer problems, internet wireless issues, and hands and back not working, it's been since August that I have posted anything here or published anything in the Diva's challenge. I have been working on some tangling, but not as much as I would like since it was hurting to actually hold the pen. But I did keep up with the challenges and try many of them. I will be locating my drawings (scattered in a couple of rooms at the moment, but still accomplished) and uploading them a few at a time with my challenges. I think that the computer and internet problems shouldn't be bothering me again for at least a little while, so I just need to worry about the hands :)

Anyway, here is my white on black (except that it's midnight blue) tile and I was quite pleased with the way it turned out. I have a lot of scrapbooking cardstock from a previous life as a scrapbooker and card maker, so I have been using some of that stash for my Zentangle work. I had actually done a couple of munchin tiles that I really liked, but the other paper had too much texture to take a good picture. It was a light sepia tone with a leather texture and was beautiful with the sepia pen that I tangled with. If I can get hubby's scanner to work and it looks better, I'll post it next week. Anyway, I have talked too much already, so here is my challenge piece.

Munchin Play
3.5" Midnight Blue Tile, White Gelly Roll pen, and General
White Chalk Pencil
Tangles: Munchin, Flux, Zinger, Fescu, with Tipple

Challenge #233 ~ Zenith
3.5 Tile, Sepia and Black Micron pens, Spectrum Noir
Marker and Sepia Prismacolor Pencil for shading.
Tangles: Mooka, Zinger, Zenith

Challenge #235 ~ String Theory-Stripes
3.5" Tile, Black and Sepia microns, graphite for shading
Tangles: Phicops, Flux, Hybrid, and just something
I was playing with after reading one of Rick and
Maria's blogs about one of their trips

Stripes #2
3.5" Tile, Black Micron Pen, Graphite Pencil for
Tangles: Shattuck, Crescent Moon, and I'm not real
sure what is in the lower corner
And here is the last one for this week.  When I find some more that haven't been posted yet, I will add them as well
Challenge #234 ~ CanT
3.5" Tile, Black Micron pen, Blue Derwent Inktense pencil
Tangles: CanT, Maryhill, Paradox

Ok, that's it for me for this week, so hopefully the weather won't get too chilly ('s been around 80F here for the last week - record setting warmth for us when I really wish it was fall) so that I can keep up with the challenges again.

I will likely spend the day tomorrow checking out all the other wonderful submissions to the challenge this week, so why don't you do the same if you haven't already and check it out at the Diva's Place and come join us one of these weeks. Any and all comments are welcome.  Tangle on!