Friday, June 5, 2015

Diva Challenge #220 ~ UMT - All Boxed Up!

I'm a bit late getting my tile posted this week and I didn't even make it around to all the submissions last week, but I really did try. My hands were giving me fits again and typing just wasn't in the cards for me. This week has been not quite as bad, but it has taken me forever to get my tile done. But, I did actually look at all of the submissions last week and they were ALL beautiful. And, once again, thank you for your gracious and kind remarks on my blog. It's always to see that people are visiting here.

It's been another fairly hard week this week, not necessarily for my hands, although they have had their share of hurting, but mostly because my son is having a hard time. As those who have read here before know, he is an adult autistic who was only diagnosed recently. His birthday is coming up and the autism for him translates his excitement into debilitating anxiety. All the time he was growing up, I never understood why he was never excited by things that were coming up and the new doctor he is seeing has tried to explain to me that people that are autistic experience emotions differently than some people, so I have been trying to ease him out of the extreme anxiety this week. I did manage to get him to try drawing and he drew a very nicely done picture and asked me to show him how to do a little shading. He definitely has a talent for drawing, so I hope that I can get him to try it some more, because it did tend to relax him for the hour he sat here with me. Who knows, I may be able to get him to try a bit of tangling. Cross your fingers with me to hope it helps calm him down.

But drawing and tangling DO calm me down, so this week, we are to use a tangle selected by the Diva from submissions to her by tangle designers. This week, it was "All Boxed Up" by Alice Hendon, CZT. Step-outs can be found here  It's really a pretty tangle and even though I'm not a huge fan of straight lines, I found this very interesting to do. For some reason, after loads of practice drawings, I decided I wanted to draw it in a circle, and it actually looked pretty good, but then as I looked at it, I decided I would try a zendala (silly me!) I have been trying to do some of these because I think they look awesome. But I know that I tend to put way too much detail in things and I just know that I would overdo it. But that being said, I did it anyway. I like the way it turned out, although my hubby doesn't like the paper I did it on. I cut some of my stash of scrapbooking cardstock into a 5" x 5" square because I knew I wanted to make it bigger than a normal tile, partly because my hands are still hurting but at least it's bearable now.

So I hope you like my take on All Boxed Up this week.  I just designed the center and then in the first round used Maryhill, followed by two rounds of All Boxed Up and then finished up with just some random shapes. Enjoy!
Diva Challenge #220 - UMT "All Boxed Up"
Media: Scrapbook Cardstock 5" x 5", black Micron pen,
Sepia Micron Pen, Pencil for shading
Tangles: Maryhill, All Boxed Up, and various shapes

For those of you who haven't seen the rest of the submissions this week, please go check out the Diva's blog (click here) and see the awesome artwork this week on other blogs. This challenge is very well represented by lots of tanglers who do amazing work. If you find you have time, why not join us and share your work with us there. As always, I appreciate your visiting my blog and do appreciate any and all comments. Thank you for visiting!