Monday, February 13, 2017

DC # 302 ~ Hamadox (UMT) & IAST #183

First of all, thank you all for your kind words last week. They are always appreciated. I don't always get to everyone's blog or posts, but I have seen all of the submissions for this week. I hope to make it around this coming week to add my comments.

Well, late again as usual, but I just couldn't pass up posting my Hamadox because I really liked how they turned out (I did 2 different ones). And I also actually finished a challenge for Adele Bruno's IAST and also did 2 for that one. So short and sweet tonight and here we go!

Diva Challenge #302 is a first of the month Use My Tangle (UMT) and we have the delightful Hamadox by Diana Schreur CZT. I love this tangle and how my pen can just take over without me coaxing it much. Here is my first tile:
Diva Challenge # 302 ~ Hamadox
Tangles used: Hamadox, Flux, Moowa, Fescu, Tipple
Tools: Micron Pen, Prismacolor colored pencils, graphite 
Tile # 2 is a bit simpler, but only because I had a few oops! moments and couldn't decide how to finish it.
Diva Challenge #302 ~ Hamadox
Tangle used: Hamadox, (ghostly Printemps were the aforementioned
oops! and they showed through the black that I covered them with -
but it's okay, it kind of gives it a unique effect
Tools: Micron Pens, Prismacolor colored pencils
Adele Bruno had a heart themed string this week and I did 2 submissions for this, although I am not at all sure they made it in time. These are 2 entirely different looks and I'm not at all sure that I like this first one. My son does though and thinks it would make a great tattoo.
IAST # 183
Tangles used: Zenith, Caught, and Pearls
Tools: Micron Pens, Calligraphy Marker, Prismacolor
colored pencils, and graphite 
My 2nd submission for this challenge was a bit more to my liking. I tend to prefer flowery looks when I can actually get it mostly right.
IAST #183
Tangles used: Zenith, Caught, Moowa, Luv-A, Fescu, Beadlines
Tools: Micron Pen, Prismacolor colored pencils
Thank you for stopping by and if you get a chance, head on over to the Diva's place and see what everyone else has done!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DC # 301 ~ DuoTangle: Paradox v.Diva Dance

First off, thank you very much for visiting my blog last week and a big thanks to those that left comments. I am not the best person in the world for posting comments, but do try to get around to all of the blogs. I am so inspired by all the artists at the Diva's blog, so I go through all of the blogs a lot. Thank you all for sharing!

I'm SO glad that Artoo had a successful Moebius Syndrome Awareness day and that his school and community are so mindful of the disorder that he has and that he is able to show the world that he is, in fact, perfect just the way he is. What an amazing family that the Diva has!

In the Zentangle Newsletter this week, they had a new video entitled "Kitchen Table Tangles" and Rick and Maria were demonstrating a duo tangle of Paradox and Diva Dance and showing how to intertwine them. The Diva decided that it would be a good challenge for this week and so we were challenged to do just that ... a DuoTangle of Paradox and Diva Dance. I loved that way that Rick had tangled his piece, but intertwining the two tangles just didn't seem to happen for me, but that's okay. I have never been fond of my Diva Dance, but I loved how this tile turned out . . . AND I think that the shading almost shows up nearly as dark as it is in person. Hope you like this and as always, comments and critiques are always welcome.
DC#301 ~ Duotangle: Paradox v. Diva Dance
Tools: Micron 01 Black pen, Graphite pencil for shading
I was going back through my blog and realized that I had not posted some of my challenges, so please indulge me as I post these. This first one is using the new tangle, "DraWings" and I must say that I really love drawing this one. It just seems to flow for me.

This next one is Icanthis. I wasn't sure that I was going to like this one, but I found it fun to work with as well. Here's what I did with it on a recent tile.

Please take some time and check out what the other fabulous artists have been doing with the Diva's challenge here and perhaps you may get inspired to join us in this fun. Thanks for stopping by!