Saturday, October 25, 2014

Diva Challenge #190 ~ Pink for Ardath

First off, thank you again everyone for your remarks last week.  I always read them, but since I never know how long I will be on the computer, I'm afraid that I don't get to respond to you all.  Just know that I appreciate all of you and your comments...they are much appreciated.

For this challenge, the Diva challenged us to use pink in memory of her grandmother who died from complications of breast cancer as well as all those have passed or are cancer survivors.  My mother had several lumps that thankfully weren't malignant, but my aunt wasn't quite so lucky.  She had to have a double mastectomy, but they got it all and she survived the cancer. However, both she and my mother ended up with Alzheimer's, which contributed to both of their deaths. I also have friends that have survived breast cancer, one of whom was a male friend that got it very young and is now a survivor for over 8 years. A girlfriend developed breast cancer, but beat that only to develop bone cancer, which thankfully she beat also. Other cancers have plagued friends and acquaintances over the years, so this is for ALL cancer victims.

Pink Tile 1: Dragonair, Luv-ya, Mooka, Tipple, Bunzo
Pink Tile 2: Pearls (?), Fiore, Juke, Zinger

Was trying out Carol Ohl's connection tutorial on this one.  I like the way it turned out and will have to use some of these techniques in future.

 I'm sorry that this is so late this week, but my son's girlfriend is here from Tennessee, so things have been a bit hectic getting things ready for her visit.  As always, I appreciate feedback and comments.  And be sure to visit the Diva's blog (here) to perhaps join in on the challenges and see all the beautiful work that is submitted.  Who knows? Maybe we will see YOUR work next week.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Diva Challenge #189 ~ UMT - Yuma

First and foremost...thank you all for your very kind comments over the last week.  I don't always get time to answer each one individually.

Home seems to be a bit hectic even though my husband and I are both retired. He is getting older and doesn't always remember how to do things, so it usually ends up that I do most things around here. He also doesn't drive, so it is up to me to run all the errands or take him or our son where they need to go.  My son is an autistic adult and we didn't find it out until about 4 years ago.  He is now 30 and does well, but he doesn't drive either. So life does tend to get a bit hectic some weeks. We are getting ready this week for the arrival of his long distance girlfriend from Tenessee and so I really haven't done much with tangling this week.

When I looked at this challenge, I thought that it was going to be great fun because I had been looking at tangle patterns and come across Yuma. I hadn't tried it yet, but it looked like it would be a fun one to draw, since I usually like flowing, botanical type tangles.  Then I sat down and tried it....looks are deceiving. Mine didn't seem to want to cooperate or maybe I just didn't get it, but I finished my tile and will likely try to do a couple more this week if I can figure out what it is that I am not liking.  I didn't know where I was going with this one (ops normal), so I can't explain it.  Anyway, here it is for your perusal.

UMT ~ Yuma
Tangles used: Yuma, Shard, X-Did and a couple of my own doodles

For those of you that may be interested, the Diva Challenges can be found here, so why not give it a go and see what you can do!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Diva Challenge #188~Coming Out Day

The Diva's Challenge this week was to create a tile for Coming Out Day ~ Oct 11 for LGBT. This was such a wonderful challenge for me and I intend to do more tiles when time permits using these colors and theme.

 My son and I have many friends that support and belong to the the LGBT community! We have, for a long time, had many friends that were gay or lesbian and to tell you the truth, I never really thought much about it at all. When I was in high school (eons ago), I had a very dear friend (in fact my first boyfriend) that was gay and had a hard time telling anyone. So after high school, he followed his heart and became a nanny to a good doctor and his wife and they introduced him to many people in the LGBT community.  I think it was the first time in his life that he was actually happy.  We remained close throughout his life, which unfortunately ended far too soon. But knowing him to be so happy when he was allowed to be himself prompted me to do my tile in rainbow colors. I had meant to get this posted sooner, but this week I have been a bit sick.  But here it is now

A Joyous Coming Out

I actually like this one and it is much brighter than this picture shows.  The tangles I have used are:

L - Luv-ya
G - Golven
B - Blooming Butter
T - Twenty-One

The only tangle pattern that I had ever actually used before was Luv-ya. In actuality, it was my son that chose these particular tangles.  His reasoning was that all of his LGBT friends are a bit flamboyant and he thought that these would be perfect to describe them.  I agreed with him, thinking particularly of one of his good friends that also worked with him when he was doing makeup for a local Haunted House for a few years. This particular friend and I got to be good friends and like most of the kids over there, he called me "Mom".  His own parents had thrown him out of the house when he told them he was gay and so I always a special spot in my heart for him. So I dedicate this joyous and bright piece to all of my good friends, LGBT or otherwise, and ask that people just embrace the joy of loving each other with no strings attached. 

If you would like to see the rest of the pieces created by many other artists, take a look at the Diva's blog here and perhaps start joining in with us.  Happy tangling and love to all :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Diva Challenge 187 ~ Don't Look!!

First of all, thank you everyone, for your comments on my tiles last week.  It is always appreciate, and I love constructive makes us stronger.

Well, the Diva has given us a challenge to do a string with our eyes closed.  I don't normally do strings anyway, since most of what I do is mostly ZIA rather than Zentangle, at least in my mind.  Anyway, I forgot to take pictures of my string and I'm still working on one that my son did for me, so I'll likely post that one next week. But here are the two that I actually did.....the first one I didn't really like until I did some shading on it and I decided it was ok.  The second one I was finishing up last night (late!) and my son and I managed to get on a laughing kick .... you know, the kind where all you have to do is look at each other and you can't stop laughing?  Well, we were having a cup of coffee at the time and as you can no doubt see, we managed to spray coffee all over the tangle I was working on.  I kind of liked where it was heading, so I finished it up today, coffee and all (tangle #2).  Anyway, here they are!

Challenge #187 ~Blind String 1
I rather liked this one once I shaded it, and I didn't even make too many mistakes, but I did manage to have to use Bronx Cheer (I had never tried it before). I don't know for sure the tangles I used in this, but They seemed to work ok.

And here, in all the coffee soaked glory, is tile #2

Challenge #187 ~ Blind String #2

I kind of like this one too, but I need more practice with strings, I can see that.  Anyway, here they are and as always, any comments are always appreciated.  Now I'm off to check out the other tiles submitted this week.  You can find them here, on the Diva's blog.  Why don't you enter the challenge too?