Saturday, October 11, 2014

Diva Challenge #188~Coming Out Day

The Diva's Challenge this week was to create a tile for Coming Out Day ~ Oct 11 for LGBT. This was such a wonderful challenge for me and I intend to do more tiles when time permits using these colors and theme.

 My son and I have many friends that support and belong to the the LGBT community! We have, for a long time, had many friends that were gay or lesbian and to tell you the truth, I never really thought much about it at all. When I was in high school (eons ago), I had a very dear friend (in fact my first boyfriend) that was gay and had a hard time telling anyone. So after high school, he followed his heart and became a nanny to a good doctor and his wife and they introduced him to many people in the LGBT community.  I think it was the first time in his life that he was actually happy.  We remained close throughout his life, which unfortunately ended far too soon. But knowing him to be so happy when he was allowed to be himself prompted me to do my tile in rainbow colors. I had meant to get this posted sooner, but this week I have been a bit sick.  But here it is now

A Joyous Coming Out

I actually like this one and it is much brighter than this picture shows.  The tangles I have used are:

L - Luv-ya
G - Golven
B - Blooming Butter
T - Twenty-One

The only tangle pattern that I had ever actually used before was Luv-ya. In actuality, it was my son that chose these particular tangles.  His reasoning was that all of his LGBT friends are a bit flamboyant and he thought that these would be perfect to describe them.  I agreed with him, thinking particularly of one of his good friends that also worked with him when he was doing makeup for a local Haunted House for a few years. This particular friend and I got to be good friends and like most of the kids over there, he called me "Mom".  His own parents had thrown him out of the house when he told them he was gay and so I always a special spot in my heart for him. So I dedicate this joyous and bright piece to all of my good friends, LGBT or otherwise, and ask that people just embrace the joy of loving each other with no strings attached. 

If you would like to see the rest of the pieces created by many other artists, take a look at the Diva's blog here and perhaps start joining in with us.  Happy tangling and love to all :)


  1. What a beautiful and heart warming tribute!!!!

  2. Hi Leslie! Love your tile...the use of color, how you graduated it, or ombre'd it especially in luv-ya. The story, some of your son's friends are flamboyant and he helped you choose the patterns based on that. Do I know how that older daughter has lots of gay men friends, and some of the ARE flamboyant!. That part made me giggle.
    The sad part of the story, and one I've seen repeated several times, is the homeless status of so many gay teens. But how wonderful that you embraced that young man and made him feel accepted. It is something that more people need to do: accept others as they are and love everyone, regardless.
    Lovely tile! Lovely story!

  3. A wonderful Post, and a beautiful Tile. I like the flow, direction and design of your piece, LezliB. Beautiful coloring on your Tile, especially on the Blooming Butter and the Luv-A patterns. Gloven and Twenty-One are on my "Must Learn" list. A delightful well done Tile.

  4. A very beautiful tile, lovely coloured and a heartwarming story you shared.