Saturday, September 20, 2014

Diva Challenge #185 ~ Duotangle - Phycops and Diva Dance

First off, I want to thank all of you who commented last week on my submissions. I appreciate all the comments.

Well, it's been an interesting week here, we seem to have some rather agressive fish in our tank that have been eating my favorites :(.  But one of the new ones is doing great and I hope he survives...a very pretty Angel Fish. I don't know the actual names of them, because they are hubby's domain.  Then son decided to fall and hurt his back and hip when he slipped and hit his head on the tub. He's been pretty much in pain for a few days. But my biggest challenge this week was actually getting anything I like out of this duotangle. While I absolutely LOVE Phycops and all that you can do with it, I have never done Diva Dance before and I am just not real thrilled with anything I did. I probably filled a dozen pages trying to get something I actually liked, but in the end, just decided to post these two.  My son suggested that maybe I was having problems is that the parameters of using just two tangles may be inhibiting me. I think it is just that I am still trying to find my style of tangling. But that's why I try these challenge myself. So without further comment, here they are!
The first one I sort of son thought it was my best

I actually liked this one better, in spite of all the mistakes.

So here are my humble offerings this week and I am still going to attempt them some more.  If you would like to see the other submissions for this week, head on over to the Diva's place to see what everyone has done.


  1. Lovely tiles. I like the second one, the Phicops look as if they are going over a waterfall.

    1. Thank you very much :). It really DOES kind of look like going over a waterfall.

  2. I like the second one best - but I agree, these are two tangles that are difficult to use together

  3. I think you did very well with a beautiful result. And please, let's all remember that it's about the process and not the result. Of course we all like to have a tile that is pretty to look at, but .... no mistakes in zentangle. I myself always post the first tile that I made; I do that for more then three years and it still feels OK.
    And about finding your own style? That will just happen naturely and one say someone will say: "this is just you"!!

  4. Thank you very much for your kind words