Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!

The challenge this week from the I am the Diva Challenge asked us to show our version of the Chinese New Year for 2015, which was ushered in on Thursday and is the Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram (depending on which site you look at). I did a lot of reading on this and it was fascinating to say the least. I have been sketching goats and chinese designs all week and couldn't settle on anything, so I decided to just take the horns and tangle them and draw the chinese symbol for what I thought was ram.  The only problem was, I wasn't wearing my glasses and apparently my video card is going south and I ended up drawing the wrong symbol. I didn't really care for this one, but I decided to post it anyway.

Year of the Goat (2015)
Diva Challenge # 205 ~ first try
Media: Fabriano Tiepolo tile, Micron Pens, Black and Brown
Tangles: Wud (sort of), Athitzi, Pearls, andCO2

So I finished that one on Tuesday and spent a lot of time drawing  goat symbols the rest of the week and came up with a few designs that I liked but didn't quite come together. So I just let it go for awhile, and Thursday night before dinner, sketched up a new tile. My son looked at it and said that I "had to do that one, because it was a great design". My son is autistic, but I have learned to listen to him and his insight on many things, so I drew it up in about 15 minutes and the time just flew by.  Apparently THIS wanted to be drawn. So apparently, this is my submission for this week's challenge!  Enjoy...

Chinese New Year (2015)
Diva Challenge #205 ~ 2nd try
Media: Red Scrapbook Paper Tile, Black Micron 03, White Gelly
Roll, PITT Artist Pen Gold, Pencil and shading stomp

I like this one much better, other than the fact my poor goat can't hear because I left hiss ears off :(  But other than that, I quite like this one. There are many more to be seen at the Diva's site, so find it here and watch her blog for more fun every week. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for any comments that you leave. Happy New Year of the Goat!


  1. I love both of your Tiles, Lezli. Two totally different tones, both excellent created. Love the horn treatment in the first, and the design of your Goat. Beautiful work.

  2. I think your son was right, so now you have two entries :-) They are both so very different and yet so well done. Both have great designs in their own way.

  3. The black, white and gold colors really POP on the red tile! Did you use a calligraphy pen for the Chinese characters you made?

    1. Thank you, I do prefer the red tile for this challenge. No, I used a Pitt artist pen in gold and just drew and filled in for the characters. I seem to have lost my calligraphy set. Still looking through old art supplies *grin*

  4. I think both your goat compositions are very effective.