Saturday, February 7, 2015

Diva Challenge #203 ~ UMT "Athitzi"

Well, here it is Saturday again, and I really had intended (once again) to have my challenge finished the first half of the week. My life tends to be haphazard at best most of the time, so I can never tell for sure when I will have things done. But I love to sit and draw or tangle whenever the moment presents itself. I do have a bad tendency to stress over my submission for the challenges, but I am making myself a promise that from now on, I refuse to compare myself to the real artists that post their beautiful artwork.

That being said, this week the Diva challenged us with a UMT by Seven called "Athitzi". When I looked up the steps on how to use it, I drew a blank, even with her beautiful rendering. So I've been playing with it all week and not really liking most of my trials. So on Thursday night, I was just browsing the internet and sketching things of interest when I came upon some Polynesian tattoo designs. Some of them really spoke to me (my husband is of Polynesian descent) and inspired my ZIA for this week. I won't call it a tangle, because I think most of the design is not tangles but just designs that my pen decided to draw. That be as it may, I now offer you my submission this week. To me it looks very Tribal, so I guess that's what I will name it ~ Tribal!

Diva Challenge #203
Media: 3.5 tile, Micron pen, pencil and shading stomp
Tangles: Shattuck, Athitzi, and others my pen drew

For those that are visiting here for the first time, these challenges come from Laura Harms blog "I am the Diva" and many other submissions can be found here on her website. So take a look and come and join in the fun with us.

As always, thank you for your comments, they are always appreciated and I thank you for visiting.


  1. I love the design of this tile and the tangles you have chosen next to Athitzi!

  2. A beautiful Challenge Piece, LezliB. It turned out just lovely. Well done.

  3. It is very tribal looking! It reminds me of a thatched hut, with some fabric draped over the doorway and a cooking fire with a pot on it. Love the fuzzy look of the athitzi curling up from the left edge. A very cool piece!

  4. Ah, yes, very nice. Sometimes we just have to stop fighting our creative side and go with what speaks to us. Good for you!

  5. Wonderful tile with great choice of tangles!