Saturday, January 31, 2015

Diva Challenge #202 ~ Duo-Tangle

Another week and another challenge from the "Diva" .... a duo-tangle using two tangles only two tangles: Chebucto and Copada, both by Canadian CZT, Margaret Bremner.  These are both lovely tangles, probably more suitable for edges or frames than main tangles, but still beautiful. That is, until I tried to put them together on one tile. They fought me and I fought them ... I think that I must have used half my sketchbook trying to get them to play nice on the same piece. But I finally managed one that I deem is okay, so here it is ~ along with a couple of unfinished ones that I may use for inspiration at another time *or not*

Chebucto/Copada Duo-Tangle
Media:  Micron Black Pen, Pencil, and shading stomp

Unfinished challenge tile ~ I just could seem to get this
one to work with me at all.  Maybe one of these days I
can figure out where to go with this; if not, well, it was good

Another unfinished challenge tile. I didn't like the thick lines
around the Chebucto, and I have absolutely NO IDEA why I
stuck the brown bit in there.  But there are some parts of it I
like, so maybe I will just put them into another design one day.
I just couldn't believe the problems that I had in getting these two to play together. But now that I know how to do them both and found how versatile they can look, I plan on using them more.  Thank you Diva and thank you Margaret!

If you want to join in the fun or see what the other tanglers have done with this challenge, just take a look at the Diva's blog "I am the Diva" . There are a lot of talented artists there and I'm going to go take a look at them now.  Thanks for looking at my attempts and of course, comments are always welcome.


  1. Love what you did with Copada in the first tile. Go ahead and finish the third one, I like the thick lines. Maybe you could add a hint of brown on the other side of the tile. Remember there are no mistakes only opportunities.

  2. I agree with the comment above. You'll be surprise if you keep going and finish the tiles. :) I always find I discover something interesting in the pattern that I didn't see before. I like how you embellished the copada in the first one too. It looks elegant.

  3. Your last tile looks great with the highlights! I kept going with mine and finally said'll know when. LOL! I know how it is have a picture in your head of what you expect it to be and when it doesn't arrive there it's hard to keep going. But no one else knows what you expected so to us they are great!

  4. You did some great tangleations on these tangles, Lezli! Great all of them.

  5. This is a wonderful Post, LezliB. I so enjoy the creative process, and your pursuit of this challenge and its two terrific but feisty patterns. You did a beautiful job. You have a wonderful gift of embellishment. I am impressed with all three of your Tiles. Well done.

  6. It's encouraging to read about the process from others, as I find myself stuck sometimes, too. In fact, of the tiles you have posted, I actually like the one with the "lightning bolt" chebucto coming down the center. It is so bold and strong.