Sunday, November 1, 2015

Diva Challenge #240 ~ Happy Fall

I'm a bit late posting this one...but Happy Belated Birthday Artoo! I actually did several versions of leaves to try to represent fall, but none of them managed to get finished. I kept having to stop because my hands were not liking the fall weather. Yes, we finally managed to get fall here and the temperatures have been beautiful....even the cats loved being outside. This is my oldest cat and he refused to pose for me, but at least it shows the beautiful colors that were outside on the grapevine that my neighbor so graciously grows alone my fence.
Mistoffellees enjoying the fall weather...
he's our 15 year old boy.

But I finally finished my tile and liked it so well that I decided to make it into a card to send my mother-in-law for this month's letter.  Hope you like it too!

Fall Card ~ October 2015
I used some die cuts that I had in my scrapbooking materials from a long time ago and traced them onto my tile. I used micron pens in both black and sepia to do the tangles and colors and then used some chalk for some the highlighting on the front pumpkin. Shading was done with graphite pencil for the most part. The shading around the edge of the leaves and pumpkins is done with a light gray marker. I then mounted the tile on a background piece of paper and cut a decorative edge on the corners before mounting it on a card. Then I just taped a couple of die cuts to the card to complete it. I had fun doing this one.

Thanks for stopping by and, as always, any and all comments are much appreciated. I'm afraid that I need to apologize for not leaving comments for the last few weeks. My hands have not been working well at all recently. I have actually seen all the submissions here, but I haven't been able to do a lot of writing lately. At any rate, I love seeing all the beautiful work that is being done here. 

If you want to see the other submissions, please head on over to the Diva's Place to see what is going on. Maybe you can join us there too.

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