Sunday, November 1, 2015

Diva Challenge #241 ~ Stones and Ceremony

When I read that the challenge this week  had to do with stones, I remembered back to my childhood to a close friend that had a huge backyard, the back half of which was full or rocks and apple trees. We used to play with the rocks and stones for hours, making up new games and just appreciating how different they all were. This particular friend was very smart and was my first boyfriend (at age 5 no less!), so we had rock fairs in which he would decide what color and shapes we had to look for and then we would have a contest and he would award prizes. When it came to my turn to decide how we were going to play with the stones and rocks, we would make villages of stone and have all kinds of rock and stone builds set up. It was a glorious time and I never did outgrow my love for nature and stone builds. I love to take the stones in our backyard even now and try to pile them up to see if I can make something worthwhile. Not much stands anymore, but it was fun.

So when I read that guest blogger Paula Bramante wanted us to pay homage to stone cairns and ceremony, I thought of my little zen garden that I used to have at work and decided to try representing that. I'm not sure that it represented it all that well, but I quite like this piece and probably will end up framing it. This piece was originally started for something else, but I had set it aside in the hope that I would finish it at some other time. Well, it called to me to put my little zen garden inside the space in the center and I really kind of like the way it turned out.  Here it is!
"Zen Garden"
4" circular tile, black and sepia microns, graphite pencil,
light gray and light brown markers
Tangles used: Florz, Dragonair, Flux, Printemps, and
a few others I can't remember
As always, I appreciate you stopping by and visiting my blog and leaving comments if you are so inclined. I must apologize for my lack of comments posted to others' blogs lately, as I am having problems with my hands and can't really type real fast or very well lately. Please know that I have seen each and every submission that has been posted and they are ALL wonderfully done. If you haven't seen the other artists' work, check out the Diva's Blog and see all the beautiful work done for these challenges. Hope to be more interactive with all the blogs in the weeks to come. But know that I love ALL the work I have seen!


  1. I do like your zen garden a lot. I like the contrast and the coloring. Hope your hands will be better soon.

    1. Thank you Anne. I need to try and get my scanner working because I think it would show up the shading a bit better. I'm trying some new meds for my arthritis in my hands that hopefully will help.....thank you :)