Monday, May 15, 2017

DC #315 ~ Molygon & DC #314 ~ UMT: Scallamps

Since my post is so very late this week, it will be quite short. The challenge this week was to explore the tangle "MOLYGON" which is a tangle which was created by Rick and Maria, who created the Zentangle method for us. I have been playing with this all week and have scraps of paper all over the house with bits of Molygon on them, but really couldn't find one that really pleased me. So here is the one that I persevered until the end with and I think I like it a bit. Anyway, here it is for you to see.  As always, comments are welcome and creative criticism is always appreciated.

Black Micron, Sepia Micron, Grey Fineliner, Graphite
Since I didn't get my challenge piece posted for last week, I would like to include it here as well. This is the piece I did for the UMT Challenge ~ Scallamps by Sarah Uram. I quite enjoyed this one and you can probably notice that this one does flow a lot better than my Molygon challenge.

Black Micron and Graphite
Tangles: Scallamps, Pokeroot, Flux, Joki, Tipple, & Pinbawl

I really enjoy the Diva's challenges, and always do something whether or not I get it posted. I have decided that I need to start getting on the stick and getting my pieces posted when they get done regardless of whether they are current or not. During one of the Twitch live sessions, I mentioned to Laura that I am generally late, and she said that is fine, just add it to the week where it belongs. So I may post one from time to time that belongs in an earlier challenge. For those of you just stopping by, you can see the Diva's weekly challenge and the pieces that are submitted at the Diva's blog (here).

Thank you for stopping by and comments are always welcome!


  1. I always feel bad if I don't see all the entries but it's so hard to find the time to keep coming back. I'm glad you included the Scallamps too I really like that Tangle.

    1. Thank you Trudi for your comments. I know how hard it is to go back through the challenges, so I have rethought that decision and will just continue to post as I get them done with whatever challenge is up. Thank you for pointing that out. I am retired, but even at that, I tend to be quite busy.