Friday, May 19, 2017

DC #316: String Theory ~ STRIPES!

Wow ~ it's not even late Sunday night and I actually have my challenge tile ready! Will wonders never cease? This week has kind of been rainy and dreary here, so I didn't feel like running around much, so as a result, I was at home more and decided to take time for myself to just play and I did!

Mother's Day was wonderful for me since I got art supplies for gifts -- new Micron pens (which I desperately needed - thank you son!), new white gel pens (the ones that I had been using quit working, so my son bought me two 3-packs in hopes that at least one would be a good pen), Distress Ink pads (6 minis from hubby), and Distress Ink sprays (3, also from hubby). I also bought myself a stamp and stencil package that was on sale, since I love stamping as well. So with all those goodies, I have been trying out different background effects and used one of my round pieces for this week's challenge.

Our challenge this week was to create our string with stripes, and although they aren't in a straight line, they ARE stripes. The first picture here is the penwork (I decided to change the central stripe so it's a good thing that I used a gray pen the first time and the second is the completed zendala. I hope that you enjoy!

Linework - before adding color and shading
Background using distress inkpads and sprays

Completed challenge tile
Tools used: 01 Black Micron, graphite, Prismacolors, Grey Tombow Marker
Tangles (the ones I can Crescent Moon, Copada, Flux,
Joki, Ovy, Zinger, Springkle, and the last one may or may not be a real pen just took over!

Thank you for stopping by and as always, I look forward to comments and critiques. If you want to see the other submissions, stop by the Diva's blog (here) and see what all the other artists have shared this week.

Happy tangling everyone!


  1. Very nice result Lezli, I like the composition, the colors, the shading and the chosen tangles. Well done and lovely gift from your son, made Mothersday more special because you will have much pleasure of your present!

  2. That's so pretty! I love the colors and composition;-)

  3. Your tile is beautiful and I love the background!

  4. Beautiful and the shading does a lot.

  5. Just gorgeous, colouring, so soft, and the spring sunrise!

  6. Don't you just LOVE new art supplies?! Love your stripes tile. Great composition and colours!